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Wireless vs Cable Shutter Release - Which One's Right for You?

Lauchlan Toal


So you want a shutter release - either for long exposures, or to minimize camera shake. The question is, do you go with a wireless shutter release, or a cable release? Having used both types, I’ll go over the pros and cons, as well as some tips for making the most of them.

How to Change the Aperture on Nikon E Lenses for Use with Film Cameras or Reverse Mounting

Lauchlan Toal


Ever since Nikon released their new E line of lenses, photographers have been rejoicing. Better exposure consistency between shots, presumably better reliability, and some great glass. However, with this technological innovation comes a challenge for some photographers - there’s no way to change the lens’s aperture if it’s not mounted to a camera. Fortunately, there is a solution, albeit not an ideal one.

Do You Actually Need to Cover the Viewfinder for Long Exposures?

A small waterfall

Lauchlan Toal


If you’ve ever wondered what the point of the little viewfinder cover that comes with most cameras is, or the viewfinder shutter that some higher end cameras have, you were probably told that it helps prevent light leaks. And then, if you’re anything like me, you probably dismissed that information as totally useless, since what are the odds that light would come through the viewfinder and affect your shot? But if you’re seeing weird purple or green flares in your long exposure shots, it might be time to revisit that idea.

Save Money on Filters with Step-Up Rings

Lauchlan Toal


Why buy filters of different sizes when your largest filter would work on all your smaller lenses? Learn how you can save hundreds of dollars on filters by doing just that.

Using Photoshop’s Shake Reduction for Subject Movement

Lauchlan Toal


Photoshop CC brought us a new sharpen filter, the Shake Reduction filter. Meant to sharpen images that have camera shake blurring them slightly, it can actually be used in other ways as well - like fixing subject movement blur in photos.

How to Photograph Diner Food

Lauchlan Toal


Greasy, cheap, and delicious. Diner food has a special place in everyone’s hearts (and stomaches), but it’s not always the most photogenic food. With your typical diner, the food is drab, ungarnished, and haphazardly plated. But when you’re shooting their menu, you just have to make do. So here are some tips for making the most of the situation.


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