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What's Going On?

Hey folks, so some of you probably noticed that there's been a lack of articles being posted lately. If you did notice, thanks for reading, hopefully you've found some useful information on here to help improve your photography.

Unfortunately, right now I'm unable to keep posting at a frequent or regular schedule. However, that doesn't mean that the site's shutting down. I do intend to keep posting when I have the opportunities to, and at some point I will be able to get back into a regular schedule.

Part of this is also going to involve improving the site. While parts of the site are fairly well coded, I was a complete novice at database design when I created this, and I was (and still am) absolutely lost when it comes to server administration. And that's coming back to bite me right now. I need to do some major maintenance on the site in order to make it viable for the long term, possibly even rebuilding the foundation. So don't worry if the site's ever down for an hour, or if the https certificate gives errors - it doesn't mean the site's shutting down or being abandoned, it's just a side effect of whatever adjustments I'm making and with any luck everything should be running much more smoothly before the winter.

Finally, I'm currently not taking many photos. Not only is it difficult to write about photography when you aren't immersed in it, but it also feels disingenuous to give advice as an armchair photographer. I'd rather post two great articles a year than a hundred okay articles, so as my photography time has reduced so too has my writing.

Ultimately though, this is temporary. I will be posting more articles, and the site will be receiving quite a bit of work that should make it easier for me to maintain it, leaving more time for writing and allowing for additions to the site in the future like a search bar and comments.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

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Lauchlan Toal is the creator of Unlock Creative Photography, and can be reached at lauchlan@unlockcreativephotography.com

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